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My city by uvwxyz
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The capriciousness of a goddess :iconuvwxyz:uvwxyz 20 5


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Thank you everybody so much for all the watches, Llamas, favourites, comments, adding to collections recently. I'm grateful and flattered :) 
My city
I found this on my drive and I think it speaks for itself, even without destruction. I'm going to post a destruction version in the near future. She is beautiful (I don't know who she is) and I love the pose (particularly in gloves).

It didn't take long for the powerful goddess to do it, but the city is now hers........
Isn't he cute - new version
Two collages in one evening. For this one I fancied revisiting a previous collage (from April 2012) which can still be seen (and some might still prefer). I have resized the models and added extra destruction.

"Isn't he cute? We must add him to our collection....", said one beautiful giantess to the other. This is the scene that greeted a hotel guest woken up by lots of noise one morning. The two giantesses were toying with the city and its inhabitants, destroying much of it in the process, and collecting interesting looking specimens for their collection.........he is the latest........

Cali visits Dubai
I haven't done a collage for ages and there are some unfinished on my computer so I thought I would do one. I'm surprised more people haven't done collages of Cali, considering her giantess pedigree, please tell me if there is a reason, but here she is, casually strolling through Dubai. She is relaxed and is here looking towards approaching planes while resting on the Burj al-Khalifa. At her size the surroundings suffer, whether she walks or whether she sits down (I couldn't resist putting a touch of debris/dust on her behind), not that she is particularly concerned, she doesn't really have to be, she cannot be harmed..........

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What’yer doing, babe?”, asked the slender 20 something as she smashed her way through the city towards her lover, casually trampling the many skyscrapers in her path with slim jeaned and booted legs. It was oh so casual the destruction, it was almost as if the city wasn’t there as she approached. Over her slim denim jacketed shoulder was a large bag with several landmark buildings jostling for space.  The 2 girls had been souvenir hunting again, finding more things to play with when they got back home.

“Heehee, this is fun”, replied the equally gorgeous slender yet curvy girl as she sat there on the shattered docks jeaned and booted legs resting and splashing in the water. She was picking up boats in slender leather gloved fingers and enjoying squashing them and watching the tinies, as they call them, fall out to their deaths.

“Mind if I join you, this is a ****poor city, really nothing more here to take away, I think we have been here before, lol”, she said as she without breaking step stepped into the water in her expensive booted feet. After a playful kick of the water, flooding beach front hotels, the 1000ft pillar of gorgeousness wades up to her friend, standing there in front of her, gloved hands on slender denim clad hips. “I haven’t seen you for so long…..”, she giggled, giving her a full on kiss on the lips.

“Any old excuse”, laughed the seated giantess, as her best friend and lover knelt down in the water in between her legs and started fondling and rubbing between her legs, a common greeting between two twenty-somethings who were more than just friends from their home planet. The other giantess did likewise. It wasn’t long before the mutual groans of pleasure led to explosions inside soaking their jeans between their legs. This was a normal greeting when two girls from their planet who were intimate with each other met, particularly a feature of the young wealthy elite, and often lasted until a distinct wet patch appeared between each of their legs. In fact it was a badge of pride, they were lovers and it was a way of showing the world that it was so. On their home planet it was a very normal thing to see 2 girls proudly displaying a wet patch even as they walked along, hands maybe fondling each other’s boobs under their clothes very much in public. Certain aspects of their society were very relaxed……..

“Oooooo ****! That was so ****ing gorgeous”, said one, “I was going to say that”, joked the other, before they became seemingly joined at the hips and the lips as they passionately kissed again, resting on top of the ruins of the docks and seafront. Then they seemingly swapped around with the other on top as she rested in the shallow sea, hair and clothes soaked while the other also climbed in and spend the time smooshing boats on her lover and rubbing debris, now muddy, between her legs. They played around in the water for a long time, becoming more and more turned on. They were completely soaked and caked in mud and debris, the only thing dry was the shoulder bag which had been dumped on some land nearby. The passion grew and grew and the waves in the sea became more and more violent until the inevitable sexual release happened and they relaxed in the water……

In their society, in addition to the outward signs of doing sexual things being a badge of pride, so was getting messy. The girls of the elite often made out on restaurant tables piled with the food they ordered, playing with it, ruining sometimes expensive clothes, and it was often that they walked around afterwards, caked in mess, kissing each other. It was a badge of pride, they could do it. When they sat down anywhere they weren’t particularly careful about where they sat either as food caked park benches testified. Even as they went home to the apartments they shared, food stained trashed rooms were a statement as frequently demonstrated on social media as they took selfies and videos of playful food fights in luxurious living rooms, custard on the walls, trifle coloured glove prints on the furniture, chocolate cake stained luxury fur coats, Louboutin boots stomping caviar into already champagne soaked deep pile carpets, the list goes on. It in a way just showed they can and others can’t, possessions were there to be trashed if they so wished. And they found it such a turn on.

Their attitude towards the cities they visited were much the same, it was a badge of pride to appear astride a smashed and ruined metropolis, having had their way with it. It was a badge of pride to then have their way with each other in the ruins, often slathering their clothes with the wreckage…….and then once having stripped off, slathering their bodies…………

The 2 girls thought nothing of slaughtering millions, it was something people of their species do when they go souvenir hunting. Laying waste to planets is a real turn on, and these two girls were no exception……………

“Come on, we have the rest of the city to destroy”, she smiled as she took her lover’s gloved hand in her own gloved hand “I threw a few ships into my bag, fun for later, baby”. The 2 of them smiled again at each other before holding each other close and kissing and then walked off together smashing everything in their path with their slim knee length booted and skinny jeaned legs, with the mud and water dripping off their soaked clothed bodies and hair.

Presently having destroyed everything and every being for miles around, they lazily strolled arm in arm back through the portal to go home and have more passionate messy sex.

Another fun day of souvenir hunting had been had……………
A badge of pride
For the context of this short story, please refer to the story on here, Souvenir Hunters..........


United Kingdom
Hiiiii, welcome to where I indulge the fantasies that I have, great fantasies yes, but fantasies not my every day life I am an ordinary person, and actually really dislike death and destruction and war of any kind, but here on DA is a place for fantasies...........
Thank you so much everybody for your watches and faves, I'm flattered :)


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